A Nostalgic Letter from the Bank

Going through one’s bank file isn’t the most exciting of occupations and sometimes it can be quite alarming. However, looking through my statements and related matters yesterday I came across this letter from the bank written by an employee with an English name.


I have erased some particulars for obvious reasons.

That phrase written in Italian “Ho vissuto a Lucca tanti anni fa. E’ una bellissima città’’ (I lived in Lucca many years ago. It’s a very beautiful city) coming in the middle of a cold, stereotyped business letter still strikes me as quite extraordinary. In answer to one of my enquiries from the Lucchesia that email must have rung nostalgic bells in the mind of a bank clerk.


(Aerial view of Lucca)

I shall (unusually) always keep this bank letter for it helps me to remember how Lucca struck me too when I first visited it (and how it continues to charm me to this day) and how this gorgeous walled city remained to enchant the work-days of many a bored office worker abroad when they think of their visit to Lucca.

As D’Annunzio wrote:


…..la città dall’arborato cerchio,
ove dorme la donna del Guinigi…….

 (“Lucca” da Laudi – Le città del Silenzio)


… the city of the tree-lined circle,
where Guinigi’s woman sleeps.

(“Lucca” from Praises – Cities of Silence


(Lucca Cathedral: tomb of Ilaria del Carretto (Guinigi’s woman) by Jacopo della Quercia)




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