About Unity

When we first landed in this part of the planet there was a very interesting department store just on the other side of the Borgo a Mozzano level crossing. Reminding me a little of Woollies (Woolworth, alas now defunct in the UK) the store sold everything from clothing to cat food. Regrettably, the opening of Penny Market on the other side of the tracks, coupled with good parking and a host of new small shops including opticians and newsagents, must have had a deleterious effect on the store for it closed shortly afterwards.

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Passing by it the other day I noticed these attractive street-art panels painted by the local school which masterfully cover up the depressing grills and shutters of the long-deserted store.

I especially love the spelling in the English version. I wonder who was responsible for the mistake? Anyway, there’s no doubt that the message can make a very good point in the forthcoming UK Brexit referendum…

3 thoughts on “About Unity

  1. Ah how I remember it well and the amount of really great savings we had, especially in cat food prices that were excellent. Also other items. I must say it was rather warehouse like in appearance in other words no frills attached rather like the one we used to go to in Greenwich London very similar. These shops were heaven sent as in them we would find all the items that we needed and more at rock bottom prices obviously the shopkeepers bought in bulk and passed on the cheaper priced not shoddy goods to us the customers. These obviously were the forerunner shops to the Euro and Poundshops.There are even 99p shops and these outlets are a boon to all on low wages or pensions. There are of course the main supermarkets in most countries that also follow on similar lines with non brand names but own brand names at much cheaper prices and still maintaining good quality food and this certainly helps keep the dignity of us all. Furthermore in the UK supermarkets also offer own brands such as basics which are even cheaper and just as good maybe brand names should follow the good example of helping people and really where there are these possibilities there should be no need of food banks in Italy or in the UK it is a question maybe of directing people in the right tracks if you feed a person a fish it is fine but if you teach the person to fish it is more helpful.

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