A List of the Twenty One Most……

Do you like going through lists published on the web? You know, like the ten best restaurants in Gubbio or the ten worst fish n’ ship shops in Gloucestershire, or the ten most beautiful women in the world or the ten ugliest men in the world? Do you go through them and enjoy agreeing or disagreeing with them? Of course, they’re just one or two persons’ opinions anyway. Beauty (or ugliness) is in the eye of the beholder.

Recently, fellow blogger, whose site is at https://wherelemonsblossom.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/italys-21k-top-and-secret-destinations-according-to-the-daily-telegraph/, brought me to the attention of an article in the UK’s Daily Telegraph listing the 21 best secret locations in Italy. (I.e. the most beautiful places which deserve to be visited but aren’t on the usual tourist destinations list). The fellow blogger pointed me to the Italian reference to the D.T. site which she wasn’t able to find. It’s actually at


Dated April 26th this year the article lists the following places:

  1. Marina di Pisciotta, Campania
  2. Bergamo, Lombardia
  3. Montefalco, Umbria
  4. Gabicce Mare, Marche
  5. Portovenere
  6. Treviso, Veneto
  7. Sovana, Toscana
  8. Lago d’Iseo
  9. Porto Selvaggio, Puglia
  10. Sulmona & Monti della Laga, Abruzzo
  11. Matera, Basilicata
  12. Ravello, Campania
  13. Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
  14. Gargano, Puglia
  15. Ragusa and Cefalù, Sicilia
  16. Le Langhe, Piemonte.
  17. Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna
  18. Marettimo, Sicilia
  19. Herculaneum and Oplontis, Campania
  20. Genova, Liguria
  21. Venezia segreta (secret Venice), Veneto

To my shock horror I realised that I’d only seen numbers 2, 8, 13, 15, 17, 19, 20 and 21. That’s less than half the places on the list and we’ve been coming to Italy for years.

There are lists of the 21 places on the planet you must see before you get old or pop off. But there’s enough in Italy to keep one going for at least a lifetime (or two if one believes in reincarnation). I wonder how many places you can tick off the list?

The problem is that these places will no longer be secret anymore soon if you don’t hurry to see them..

That reminds me, I’m still looking for a list of 21 ways to become a billionaire within a month!

To see posts on the places on the list I’ve seen consult the following:

  1. Trieste https://longoio2.wordpress.com/2015/04/29/seaview-trieste-style/

OMG that’s the only post I’ve got on the must-see places I’ve seen! I will say this: that all the places I’ve seen on the list are superlative and fully deserve to be there. So the list should be taken seriously by serious travellers.

I did write a poem on the lago d’Iseo, however, when I visited it:



I pitch my tent by the lake shore,

it is the close of day.

The placid dipping of an oar:

as boat slips into bay


I dive in the limpid water;

around dark mountains rise

while the setting sun ignites a

rose flame upon the skies.


Mother grebe sinks under water,

her little frantic chicks

swim about trying to find her.

Is she up to her tricks?


She surfaces and they spin round

in dance of tufted joy.

How could they think she might have drowned

rising just like a buoy?


I watch this game over again

until my soup is cooked

and, hungry, no longer remain,

yet still their game is brooked.


The chicks’ meal is feather and fish;

excellent digestive

for difficult to swallow dish

of trout: most refined sieve.


Tucked in my downy sleeping bag,

waves lapping me to sleep,

into dreamland I slowly sag

as grebes play on the deep.








For those living in the Bagni di Lucca area items 5, 7, 17, and 20 could easily be done in a (longish) day trip – ideal now that the days are becoming ever longer.

Perhaps we should have a list of the 21 must-see places in the Bagni di Lucca area.

Let’s start …. Mm so difficult, so much to see!

At the moment I can only make a list the 21 things I must do urgently. Let’s start:

  1. Feed the goldfish
  2. Empty the cat litter tray
  3. Hang out the washing
  4. Pay the phone bill
  5. Wash the living room cotto floor
  6. Plant the onions……

I’ll stop there before it gets too boring for you dear reader……

However, here is at least one place I must see (to): our house in Longoio!

Perhaps you have your own favourite 21 must-see places in Italy? If so I’d love to hear from you!


7 thoughts on “A List of the Twenty One Most……

  1. From EG:

    What an amusing theme. We also score 8 out of 21. What counts as a “secret treasure” is obviously a matter for debate, but for what it’s worth my list would be:

    Castelfranco Veneto
    Alpi di Siusi

    is one allowed to mention Barga of course!?

    • Thanks for your reply. In your list I’d score only 9 out of 21. Of the 9 that I’ve visited I’d agree they are splendid places to see. My favourite would be Sabbioneta – a quite astonishing place to visit.

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