International Earth Day

It’s International Earth Day today.  (Actually every day should be Earth Day since at  present there’s no alternative to putting our paws on this wonderful planet. So we should care for it all the time.)

04222016 027

Yesterday our servant invited two of us: me, Napoleon, and Cheekie (Carlotta was still sleeping it off in the master bedroom) to join him in the celebration of Earth Day in his orto (allotment).

04222016 009 (2)

He spent most of the time planting onions of which there are two main varieties, the Tropea from Calabria which gives off a pretty strong sniff and the Lucchese variety which is rather sweeter.

I thought the scarecrow looked pathetic so I decided to take over its job in scaring off the crows myself by sitting down in its shade.

Later Cheekie (well-named little hussy but she’s only two years old) wanted to sit near me.

04222016 019

We started to play together, got into a little fight in which I, of course, came out on top!

After a little rest we came back home up the little track to our servant’s house.

04222016 039

There were some pretty flowers on the way including borage:

But the best ones are at our house!

It was nice to have a rest after all that activity and wait to be fed and watered.

PS Are you collecting the Fruvees at Penny Market? (They are all about growing and eating lots of fruit and veg).

If so have you any swops? We’re still missing numbers 5,19, 26,27,28,36, 37, 46, and 55. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “International Earth Day

  1. Great idea to get kids to eat fruit and also vegetables but this should be instilled at home as well as in schools and the media. What I like about this Penny Market campaign is that it reaches adults as well furthermore there are also seed packets to collect and plant. In the UK there is a Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Campaign to Grow Wild Nationwide Scotland Ireland Wales and England to plant and grow wild flowers in local spaces native pollinator friendly wild flowers and plants. The seeds are bespoke mixes look up a great idea to keep kids busy and interested in growing plants as well as adults. Napoleon is sure a busy guy loves his little Cheeky but she can be quite a handful at times whereas Carlotta is far more relaxed! We have to get some good irrigation scheme going for the drought days I believe that for fields we need channels or pipes with holes we did have one makes it easy to water several plants at once and upside down plastic bottles with tops slightly open to give a trickle of water but there are proper devices that do this gravity watering effect and which is very effective.

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