Old and New Pizzerie

It’s always sad when an eatery one had once regularly frequented suddenly closes down and the proprietors disappear without a trace. The rifugio da Pippo at the junction between the road to Borgo and the entrance to Fornoli is a case in point.

We would meet friends from Lucignana and adjoining villages here as it was so conveniently placed. The service was efficient and the pizzas were good.

Now those friends have moved too and the place has closed down. The notices on the door also state that pizza making equipment and furnishings are available for sale. Time perhaps for a little nostalgia. One should never take one’s eateries (or friendships) for granted. Like life, they can be here today and gone tomorrow. Anyway, happy memories remain of il Rifugio da Pippo.


Recently I’ve discovered another excellent place to eat in Borgo da Mozzano’s high street ‘La Rusticanella del Borgo’. The service was good and my quattro stagioni pizza was so scrumptious that I finished it before realising I should have taken a photo of it. Anyway, here are some photos of the pizzeria which also serves three course-meals:

La Rusticanella’s Facebook page is at

If one starts reminiscing about things in Val di Lima then surely one’s presence here has reached a particular stage of maturity!


2 thoughts on “Old and New Pizzerie

  1. So sorry to hear that Da Pippo has closed. There was a time when we were regulars there. Welcoming owners, good food. The Beef in Balsamico was very good and an unbelievable price compared to a comparable meal in the UK. I wish the owners good luck, and hope they fare well in whatever they do next. On the flip side, its good to see someone setting up a new venture in Borgo and I wish it well.

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