Of Cherry Blossoms and Honesty

It’s cherry blossom time in Cerreto! One doesn’t need to go all the way to Japan to appreciate cherry blossoms although, as fellow blogger Fran has pointed out, if one is in London there are excellent places to Japanize about the beautiful blossoms of this fruit tree over there too. (See her post at https://sequinsandcherryblossom.com/2016/04/11/april-2016-cherry-blossom-update/ ).

I actually went up to Cerreto to see if I could find a motorbike glove I’d somehow mislaid on the night of the Baldoria there a few days previously. I felt it was a wild goose chase until I spotted it nicely laid on a wall near where I’d thought I’d lost it and saw these beautiful cherry blossoms.

It’s always reassuring when people find things one’s lost. In the case of gloves it’s good when they place the lost article by a garden wall. It means they believe, not only that the person will somehow return to find it, but also that no-one else will either steal it or throw it way.

Once I lost my wallet with a not inconsiderable amount of money in it plus, of course, all that plastic, between Bagni di Lucca Ponte and Fornoli. Sure enough, the wallet was handed in to the local police station complete with its contents. I managed to find the finder’s name and address and thanked her with a bunch of flowers.

On another occasion I lost my cell phone in a wild and lonely gorge among the Apennines. A few days later I received a call and met up with the finder. ‘I know how inconvenient it is to loose one’s cell phone. It’s happened to me too,’ he said. ‘That’s why I called you.’ He wanted no reward – just to see my happiness at being reunited with an item which has, unfortunately, become so necessary to our existence, it seems.

On yet another occasion I found a note with name and address on my scooter saying ‘sorry our motorbike fell on it and scratched it. Do send us the bill.’ It took me some time to find the scratch which was minimal. I thought the motorbike owner could have just scarpered off. What a nice guy!

Who said that honesty doesn’t exist anymore?


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