Every Man Must Have His Shed

Our Orto (allotment) is now raring to get off to a good start this year. According to our catasto (land survey ownership plan) we’ve got nine bits of land scattered about. Most of them are in the forest, a little distance away, and I still can’t make out their exact position.

Fortunately, we have two fields that are just a short walk from our house. They did require considerable clearing of brambles when we first started on them in 2007 but they are now looking a lot more presentable. As they are termed agricultural a land tax is payable for them, unlike the forest bits.

I particularly love our little bit of territory at this time of year when the fruit trees are full of blossoms.

Yesterday I started to prepare an area of soil for planting. Those grasses have really deep roots but they must be got rid of.

I think I’ll keep the toms where they were last year. I’ve been advised to wait another couple of weeks before planting them.

04132016 012

The water reservoir needs a bit of filling up, however. Just a little bit of rain please!

04132016 016

Fortunately, our thousand-litre tank is full to the brim. Perhaps we should get another one as last year we truly had a drought.

I think the sacrecrow needs a bit of attention after the winter winds. However, he still looks pretty scarey!

04132016 009

The cardoons, as ever, have survived the winter.

There are some sweet wood anemones replacing the daffs.

04132016 046

The shed (every man should have his own shed in my opinion) is looking OK.

Essential supplies have been kept in a secret location.

04132016 027

I’ve mown our grass tennis (badminton really) court but haven’t put up any net so far.

04132016 030

The trees are still busy sprouting out their leaves so there’s not very much shade at present although the views remain beautifully extended.

I replaced the pansies with geraniums yesterday, too.

04132016 001

The olives have withstood winter bravely and we hope to collect a few more this year (we’re talking about November).

There’s nothing like spending a pleasant spring afternoon in one’s allotment, especially before the summer heat starts up in June.


5 thoughts on “Every Man Must Have His Shed

  1. Well well well every man I quiz this. What about woman? A female needs her shed too for whatever pursuit she may wish to achieve and I thought that alcohol was banned now due to health reasons having stated that on the news today a gentleman of 107 still works and drinks his glass of red wine daily, note glass not bottle ie 6 – 7 glasses so wine is back on the healthy list of items to buy as is butter, not marge as is whole fat not reduced fat and so on and so forth. Those scarecrows, indeed, need a good makeover; they are scarey as they are but for aesthetic reasons they are hardly acceptable as they are. Will remedy soon asap. One has to be careful how to prune trees as where one pruned them vigorous branches sprout out so maybe leave well alone. Get the great moon calendar. Farmers some swear by it for seeds and root crops equally on the 2nd quarter. Mow lawns as grass then does not grow as much. That seems great news as then less work to do regards that. I will have to give it a whirl! It is great also that Penny Market are giving away various herb seeds as all then can get going even if one uses pots indoors. We have to remember to ensure that the Ricci (hedgehogs) giant ones don’t invade our field. If that was the culprit on the first place I have my doubts!

  2. Your orto looks like a lovely place to hang out over summer. Manure and Compost supplies? I find myself making huge quantities of the stuff to mulch and feed my summer garden. It looks like you don’t have any raiding predators- no rabbits of leaf nibbling animals dropping by for a deed. Lucky!

    • You’re quite right about the compost supplies. I’m getting them from the local shepherdess who keeps her sheep nearby. As for predators we do get porcupines and wild boar but manage to keep most of them out with fencing that goes into the ground.

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