Castelnuovo di Garfagnana’s Paintbox

One of our favourite shops in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, which we sometimes visit for its very extensive Thursday market, is the arts shop situated just south of the Rocca Ariostesca.

Apart from its artist’s equipment and framing the shop has a very extensive collection of paintings and objects d’art which should please all sorts of taste. I found the examples from Dariush, the painter of Iranian origin, particularly delightful and they not excessively priced.

There are plenty of other things and it would be a strong will to escape from this cave of attractions without at least one purchase.

What did we buy (or rather me)? It was a case of paints and brushes which I gifted to Sandra, again at a very reasonable price.

I’ll let you know how those brushes transform the paints into little masterpieces. Meanwhile, we remind you that there are still copies of our book ‘Septet’ available at the Shelley House in Bagni di Lucca (see

Enjoy your Easter week! The weather here is brightening up every day. No troublesome storms here (cross fingers…)


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