Our Area’s Longest Mural?

At first it was just a plain hoarding put around Borgo a Mozzano’s Istituto Comprensivo (an education centre which can comprise, primary, secondary schools, technical colleges and, in Borgo’s case, a fine music school, the ‘M. Salotti’) to fence off a works area. The school needed important structural work done to it to bring it up to scratch with the latest seismic and anti-earthquake regulations. Borgo a Mozzano is in seismic area no 2 which means that quite strong earthquakes could occur (as they have: see my post at https://longoio2.wordpress.com/2015/01/24/what-me-worry/)

Then the istituto’s pupils started painting the hoardings which stretch quite some way around the building yard.

Finally, yesterday the painting work was completed and the boring hoarding had metamorphosed into a very colourful and lively mural – perhaps the longest we’ve seen yet in our area.

Of course, there was a master-mind behind scheme. Ilenia Rosati, born in Pisa in 1983 and an ex-student of Florence’s prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence, specializes in art community projects and laboratories involving children and young people. She is an artist in the best possible manner, spreading the concept that art does not need to be restricted to exclusive studios but can happily spread out into the streetscapes (and building sites!) of our towns and cities.

Although Ilenia is very much her own style I spotted a little of that great artist Jacovitti in her lively linear approach.

I loved the finished result and it truly brought a smile into my face. I’m sure that it will do the same to anyone who bothers to look and walk around the mural which is right opposite the entrance to Borgo a Mozzano’s Penny market.

Well done Borgo for turning a mundane temporary building site into something that can truly colour and enhance our lives!


PS If you have a boring hoarding round your building site or just want to make a wall more interesting do contact Ilenia on her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ilenia.rosati.18/about




2 thoughts on “Our Area’s Longest Mural?

  1. I first spotted this mural as we passed the roundabout on our way towards Lucca and I even noticed someone painting it I wanted to stop but as usual so much to do that it impeded my wish to so do next time I will stop. The mural is wonderfully colourful and certainly would raise a smile or few smiles on anyone the the primary colours red yellow blue and just a few secondary colours green and orange the greens are well represented with their varying hues that we can observe in Nature Spring time right now great piece of jolly good fun art work not in the least boring!

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