It’s FAI Week-End Again!

This weekend’s the time to visit those way out and unusual places which so abound in Italy. It’s FAI’s weekend. FAI, which stands for Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Association for the Italian Environment) is probably the nearest one can get in Italy to England’s own National Trust.

In all there are nine hundred special places to visit in Italy this weekend

Using FAI’s site at you can find out which places are free to visit on this special weekend. The twenty-eight places listed for Tuscany are at

If you just want to see places around Lucca then you can consult the list at

In 2014 we were present at the reopening of that extraordinary Lucca baroque jewel of a church at which, thanks to FAI, has been reopened to the public.One of the most unusual places I visited were the Italian Navy Arsenal and Dockyards at La Spezia which are normally top-secret! (Do see my post on that at and see a picture of one of the world’s largest sailing ship Amerigo Vespucci in dry dock).

We’ll let you know where we’ll go for this year’s weekend next Monday!

Meanwhile, if you are in our territory which places will you choose to visit?

Incidentally, if you are a member of the National Trust then you can see all FAI’s places free of charge at any time! The National Trust has special agreements with equivalent heritage organizations in fourteen other countries, including the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The full list is at and, as you can see, Italy’s on the list too.


FAI is doing a grand job in saving Italy’s immense artistic and natural heritage, the greatest in the world. Why not visit a place or property this weekend, enhance your pleasure of this stunning country and maybe even join FAI if you are not already a National Trust member?

Remember FAI in Italian also means ‘do’…

Meanwhile here are some suggestions:

santa caterina lucca

Baroque: Santa Caterina Lucca

scuola sant'anna pisa

Renaissance: Scuola superiore Pisa

San Francesco Pistoia convento

Mediaeval: Convent of San Francesco, Pistoia

Villa Argenta Viareggio

Art Nouveau: Villa Argenta, Viareggio


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