To My Woman On International Women’s Day



30th birthday cake002a

I wake up to Venus from a soft dream
and sleep in Hesperus’ beam, still and bright
and yet the twin stars are not what they seem:
both are the same planet with the same light.

You are my morning and evening star
within preternatural light aureoled:
both cold and hot, light and dark, near and far –
ever shining in a blizzard-swept world

No matter the years relentlessly run
and our end closes like prison shades;
our fragile lives shall not be undone
though the shortened breath within us fades.

Within us too is that which lives beyond
these days, like rays in forest’s golden pond.



6 thoughts on “To My Woman On International Women’s Day

  1. This morning as I first awoke indeed I felt in a curious dreamlike state as I jolted back to earth state this was a most strange sensation it was a beautiful awakening on a gloriously sunny morning suddenly all clouded over and grey setting the dull mood for the day still hurled swiftly into the days chores it is smart meter day for gas and electric the water one follows on close behind. This can only be a positive exchange as no more estimated wrong readings no more knocks on the door to worry about it will all be done through the ether how marvellous eapecially no more contortionist tricks to reach these pesky dudes. I must say thanks pal for this amazing awakening poem this morning I feel the need to reciprocate with such eloquent words now is the sunset of our short lives on planet earth and back to Mars and gaseous vapours lit by the gay firmament of Heavenly stars but wholly unknown the time and final destiny of our return to earthly substance still a mystery to us but known to the Egyptian Priests and their Gods.

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