A Little Chat About the Weather in Italy

In Val di Lima where we live there may be further ‘perturbazioni’ on the way but spring’s definitely springing all round us. The Italian word ‘perturbazione’ has quite a few meanings incidentally. Regarding the weather it means a low-pressure area, cold front or cyclone of highly varying degrees (that’s the worry!).

It can also mean (emotional) disturbance or, as a verb form in ‘sono perturbato’ meaning ‘I’m disturbed’ or ‘I’m distressed’.

‘Sono perturbato dalle perturbazioni nella mia vita e nel tempo’.

Now there’s another word that needs a little getting across. ‘Tempo’ in Italian means either ‘time’ or ‘weather’. ‘E’ tempo per il bel tempo’ – could either mean ‘it’s the weather to have a good time’ or ‘it’s time for good weather’. Tempo’ could be suffixed into ‘temporale’ which, again relating to the weather, could mean a (thunder) storm or a temporary thing (yes, the ancient Romans have again given us that Latin root in our language.)

I trust you’re not unduly perturbed by all this and that’s it’s merely a temporal situation. The only problem that could occur is that when you return to blighty and it starts pouring ‘cats and dogs’ as you exit from your Ryanair flight you remark. ‘Mon Dieu, there’s a serious perturbation passing over this part of the UK.’

As a reward for reading all that here are some local photos I took over the past few days which will hopefully not perturb you more than necessary!


PS ‘raining cats and dogs’ in Italian is ‘piovere a catinelle’ i.e. it’s raining (full) washbasins down (or pi**ing down). I hope that you, too, in your part of the world are enjoying fine weather and that you’re not being pi**ed off by it instead.

03032016 001

(Napoleon and Cheeky unperturbedly enjoying the fine weather, harbinger of spring).

9 thoughts on “A Little Chat About the Weather in Italy

  1. It was worth being subjected to un po di perturbazione in order to enjoy the photos. Your cats are very handsome!

    The weather here (southeast Australia ) is the pits. Continuing heat has us all begging for some relief, and a good night’s sleep.

  2. Great news about the weather, and spring having sprung so to speak. Its sounds like you’ve had quite a mild winter overall, just a little snow and temperatures not too low for too long?

  3. It is so wonderful to see that host of golden daffodils established and thriving uk and Italian bulbs a nice mixture but it does seem odd to see the autumn leaves still abounding. The camelias have been flowering here too however our expedition to the Chiswick House Camelia Show was not quite reached due to the wretched engineering works although we did see some fine samples planted in the grounds similar to your and our camelias here happily showing their full blooms. I do hope to manage to visit again as the greenhouse Camelia Show ends soon and I would like to make comparisons with the Compitese Camelia Show which I think far surpasses any other effort purely due to the naturalistic setting. I simply love the final photo of Mr Napoleon and Cheeky who looks so very pleased with herself and at last has learned to stay with her elders and not to run away thanks to good training.

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