Gone are the days when furtive manuscripts of one’s literary efforts would circulate in arcane circles. New technologies have changed all that. The internet is, of course, full of poems and novels which haven’t seen the light of day on printed paper and Kindle downloads are ever more frequent.

However, there is nothing quite like handling a real book, feeling the texture of the paper, scenting its nuances and turning its pages.

Bagni di Lucca’s new book-shop Shelley House is also a publishing house with its Edizioni Cinque Marzo. We were, therefore, quite thrilled when the house agreed to accept for publication a little book in which Sandra and I had collaborated.

Called ‘Septet.’ it combines seven of Sandra’s contributions to Bagni di Lucca’s extempore arts festival with seven of my poems.

I quote from the introduction:

This little collection of paintings and poems represents a collaboration between artist Alexandra Cipriani Pettitt and poet Francis Pettitt.

Alexandra has attended art courses at Greenwich Community College and has exhibited at Woodlands Art gallery, Blackheath and the Citizen’s Gallery, Woolwich London. Francis has had poems anthologised in collections. This is the first time, however, he has put some of his poems together in a little book.

Alexandra has been a regular contributor to Bagni di Lucca’s extempore painting competition since 2008 and we felt it would be a good idea to combine Alexandra’s paintings together with some of Francis’ poems which could be described as both complimentary and complementary.

The countryside around Bagni di Lucca has inspired both painters and poets throughout the centuries and the prints at the start and the end of the collection evoke this fact.

We hope that our small contribution will add to the awareness of the beauty of Bagni di Lucca and encourage more people to visit this inspiring part of the world.

Septet is on sale, price 6 Euros, at Shelley House which is open from Thursday to Saturday (See my post at for further information).

Here is a page from the book to whet your appetite:


Perhaps you too may have some manuscript lurking in your desk drawer which could well see the light of day. Certainly, to see one’s efforts displayed in a shop window gives a good feeling!



4 thoughts on “Septet

  1. Wow what a wonderful surprise I love the result though I need to see the whole final copy had 3 prototypes this final copy is pure bliss amazingly true colours very naïf but after all I did not do full formal training in painting as I did in other areas such fun but it was a gruelling seven full days in the excessive heat nice memories though and I need to paint some more but not under such stressed conditions. Art has always been a part of my life since childhood as an only child art saw me through lonely days it is truly therapeutic and as we have no family it is important and necessary to keep in touch with our creative nature as this keeps us sane. Francis your poems are such wonderful creations so beautifully written such talent thank you for being so uplifting you are a true natural poet congratulations.

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