Shock Horror at Penny Market

The late, great Dave Allen ranted wittily about many of his pet hates, one of the worst of which was supermarkets.

Well, the worse has happened! Our local Penny Market has reorganized its layout so that essential items like bread and booze require intrepid exploratory expeditions to uncover their delights.

No longer is the drinks section within staggering distance of the entrance doors, for example, but stuck right at the end.

Pet lovers will be glad to know, however, that their four-pawed friends’ supplies are still on the same corridor. I don’t know whether that shows greater love for animals or for humans…

02282016 618

I suppose I’ll get used to the new layout which, actually, has a certain logic to it as the bread is more artistically displayed and the fish receives more space.

02282016 615
But watch out also for these signs in Italenglish!

02282016 619 (3)

There is an Italian word for food, believe it or not. It’s either ’cibo’ or ‘alimentari’ so why not use it?

02282016 619 (2)

The ‘shock’ (also spelt ‘scioc’) here does not of course, refer to the new layout but to the discounted prices. It’s a wonder I haven’t suffered a heart attack with so many ‘scioc’ in Penny when I visited it this morning on my return from the Britannic isles. Perhaps I must be ‘sciocco’ (= stupid).

Incidentally, the weather here in Val di Lima appears to have been depressingly awful with constant drizzle and grey skies. Quite the opposite in London where the temperature dropped to minus four with crisp blue skies dotted with a few shapely clouds.

02282016 625

(Weather from our hovel in Val di Lima today)

02282016 474

(Weather in the garden of our villa (wish!!!) in London)

Perhaps the only meteorological prediction I can rely on is that if the weather is awful in the UK it must be wonderful in Italy and vice versa.

Remember those old-fashioned barometers from Tyrolean landladies with two figures, one swinging indoors and the other outdoors, to signify the weather forecast? Perhaps I should buy one of those and call the respective figurines Mr UK and Mrs Italy.


PS To hear Dave Allen on Supermarkets click on arrow below:


(PPS Health warning: If you suffer from a weak heart take the recquired medication before listening….)


4 thoughts on “Shock Horror at Penny Market

  1. I look forward to the next visit to the Penny Market. We only discovered it a couple of years ago after years of shopping in Conad and Punto in Bagni and Essalunga in Marlia. Then someone tipped us off about the Penny Market. I must say I thought Conad/Punto/Essalunga were reasonable, but Penny seems even more so – at least on some items. I’ve bought Primitivo di Manduria (on offer) for €1.49, our local Waitrose sells it for £10!

    Love Dave Allen – fond memories of the show on BBC2. Years ahead of his time.

    • Dave Allen was a truly great comedian – as you say years ahead of his time. Sad to think that his last son Cullum was born three months after Dave died.Dave was also a fine painter too.

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