A Gushing Post

With the amount of rain that has fallen over the past week lovely waterfalls are appearing everywhere. Thank goodness the local administration had the foresight to place weirs and broaden the valleys of some local torrents last summer. We thought they’d overdone things but not a bit of it!

Here’s the scene near us where we come to fill our bottles with thankfully unchlorinated fresh mountain torrent water.

There is something so magical about the rushing of waters. Truly water is life itself!



6 thoughts on “A Gushing Post

  1. When I first saw these humming babbling waters I was most impressed at the works accomplished equally thinking at the time of construction are we expected to have raging torrents well one can see the results these are most impressive greater in beauty than I ever imagined to behold and with great gusto I gave out whoops of joy when I first saw these waterfalls it was an extended moment of delight silly maybe but not really as we are after about 70% water which is essential to our very existence and that of every living creature and plant on our planet. Imagine the earth without water what would we be maybe another. Venus or Mars!

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