After the World

With all the rain we’ve been having (there hasn’t been a day without some rain for over a week now) our footpaths have become very muddy and slippery and, frankly, a walk is often not a very pleasant experience.

Even our much publicised Fornoli carnival has had to be postponed. Hopefully, the heavens willing, it will take place next Sunday, 21st February.

What better way then, than spending part of a wet Saturday afternoon at the opening of a show at Bagni’s new exhibition space: Shelley house?

Opened by mayor Betti, the exhibition features works by two young artists, Gianluca Larini and Davide Bondielli.

Larini was born in 1993, comes from a modest background and has not had a conventional artistic upbringing. In 2014 Shelley House’s Edizioni Cinque Marzo published his collection of poetry called ‘L’euforia degli eventi’.

Bondielli was born at Viareggio in 1991. In contrast to Larini, Bondielli has had a more orthodox artistic upbringing, graduating in graphic design in Viareggio and continuing his studies at Carrara’s fine arts academy.

Here are examples of Larini’s work at the Shelley House gallery:

02142016 030

Euforia degli Eventi


‘Je suis’, every day of my life

02142016 025

The cardinal


The imperfectly unhappy baboon

And here are works by Bondielli:02142016 028 (3)

Sounds from limbo


The suicides’ parade



img737 (2)

The wait

There are even some works which represent a collaboration between the two artists:


After the world

02142016 024

– +

I’m not too sure that the exhibition lifted me from the gloom of the louring skies over Bagni di Lucca for the subjects represented are heavy ones and somewhat depressing. But they are powerful themes and I was glad to be kept out of the natural rain and enter into the soul’s rain during the time I was there.

The exhibition is open from Thursdays to Saturdays from 9.30 am to 6 pm until 5th March.


3 thoughts on “After the World

  1. Rather an interesting juxtaposition of sets of ideas the first seem most naively depicted but colourful and sing to the soul the second set are more grim technically studied ideas but grey grim pieces in tune with the grey rainy weather that abounds lately I prefer colour and sparkle in my life light there is enough darkness in the world presently but seen on a sunny day I am sure they sing to the soul too!

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