Discovering a Waterfall

After over ten years living at Longoio I find there are still unexplored paths and whole areas untouched. A couple of days ago together with two of our felines, Carlotta, Napoleone, we embarked on another walk from our village of Longoio:

02062016 003

First we passed a disused cattle shed which, despite its overgrown roof, still is in remarkably good condition.

02062016 004

Inside were the old cattle feeding troughs.

02062016 005

We deviated from the main path and turn right down a broad track which led to an area of almost flat uncleared fields (a rarer occurrence in this very hilly part of the world.)

Behind one could easily see the old terracing. What efforts must have been involved in achieving these giant steps? Probably less than fifty years ago this area would have still grown wheat and spelt. I wonder whether it will ever again grow crops?

02062016 022

The views across to the Pania Della Croce were quite superb but showed the unusual lack of snow on the ‘queen of the Apuans’ at this time of year.

02062016 024
We could hear the sound of rushing water and descended down a gully to see a truly beautiful waterfall though the bare woods.

It was rather difficult to get any closer as, because of the cataclysmic storm the night before whose thunder and lightning had stopped trains running from Fornaci di Barga up the Serchio valley, the sides were a bit slippery.

02062016 002

I’m sure Nap and Carlotta would have had no problems but as I only had two instead of their four paws I did not get much closer than this.

02062016 014

The rain that fell from that great storm did, however, make the waterfall all the more impressive.

We returned home through more familiar territory:

Hopefully if the weather holds: tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new.


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