Maria Pia’s Gorgeous Autumn Colours

One has until February 12th to visit Maria Pia Angeli’s exhibition of paintings in Bagni di Lucca’s Foyer from 8 am until 2 pm from Mondays to Saturdays.

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Maria Pia is one of several artists in our area who modestly produce captivating pictures full of colour and exalting nature at its finest in our part of the world.

Here is a selection of them:

Shunning any fashionable trends Maria Pia’s pictures charm and lead one to return and look again at the wonderful part of the world we live in.

I especially enjoy her rendering of autumn colours and of water. I’m also intrigued by the solitary figures sometimes appearing in her canvases. Being alone among nature’s marvels is perhaps the best way to appreciate them.

Maria Pia Angeli also has a facebook page at: if you’re interested in having one of her delightful canvases in your home.

One thought on “Maria Pia’s Gorgeous Autumn Colours

  1. A brilliant colourful autumnal rendition of Nature beautifully observed and very evocatively painted these have some sort of a photographic naturalistic quality about them and have cheered me up no end in our wintery climate one feels to actually be there walking in these glorious surroundings embedded in fiery Nature. A difficult act to follow however all artists develop their own particular style. Well we should actually do at least 35 minutes walking daily for good health or several thousand steps thus I feel that I should invest on one of those clever pedometer gizmos Bluetooth connected that give temperature readings they amazingly calculate so many more bodily functions heart rate calories consumed and whatever else there are so many different permutations to choose from that are best suited for each individual it is a simple question of personal choice as to which one is best any suggestions. I have tried counting steps bunches of 100 but as you increase you kind of lose count it becomes annoying and you then kind of second guess your achievement I do this mainly trying out different routes to take short cuts in order to have rest time as that is important too as are early nights from time to time but then all this depends on what kind of internal clock one has early bird or night owl I know which I am but with good effort I can achieve either when needed.

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