Last Chance to See Francesca Cei’s Exhibition

One has until January 29th to see Francesca Cei’s  exhibition in Bagni di Lucca’s Town Hall foyer.

Here is a selection of what you can see there. The subjects are always presented beautifully. I especially enjoyed the circus scenes and the fairy-tale subjects.

The exhibition’s organizer, Kety Bastiani, told me she’d been overwhelmed by the amount of artistic talent shown in our area. She’d had no idea how much visual creativity was happening here. It’s almost like the rive gauche all over again and I do not exaggerate.

As all of us have a novel within ourselves waiting to be written so I’m sure that all of us have a picture we’d like to put down in charcoal, oil, tempera, watercolour, pastel or mixed media. After all, Churchill began rather late in his career as a painter and then only by chance.

Get yourselves a drawing pencil and start today if you’ve last touched one at primary school. You never know what could happen next on that piece of paper!


PS Don’t forget. If you wish to exhibit do leave a message of Kety’s Facebook page.



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