UFOs Return to Garfagnana

Monte Palodina, near Gallicano, makes a great walk and one which I have done several times (see my post at https://longoio2.wordpress.com/2014/10/26/a-supernatural-mountain/ ). It is also known as one of the most mysterious places in the Garfagnana, indeed in Italy, and fully worthy of an entry into the X-files.

Earlier this month, while enjoying a Campari soda and free buffet (from 5.30 pm) at the AGIP service station in Chiffenti, my attention was drawn to an article in the local Il Tirreno newspaper. Translated it said:


Last summer the cameras of the Italia Uno channel series  “Mysterious Italy” came to investigate the mysteries of Monte Palodina, the  scene of numerous UFO sightings and weird forest creatures.

Case studies and testimonials in time are so numerous as to define Palodina an Italian equivalent of ‘Area 51’. (Me: remember the Edwards Air force base and the Roswell incident?) On December 30, 2015 at around 10.00 pm five people who were in the village of Trassilico in the municipality of Gallicano, spotted two red balls at a height of about 50 meters.

One ball was huge, the other smaller in size and appeared to be part of a single body. Two of the five tried to photograph these unidentified objects but it was useless. In one case the smartphone was out of juice while in the other the downloaded photo came out totally black. The two spheres from above the village entrance flew very slowly towards Monte Forato, above Monte Albano. This is a case that will be widely discussed and will help make Monte Palodina even more mysterious.

The last sightings of unidentified flying objects date back two years ago when a giant illuminated “cigar” and a fire-red disc appeared in the sky above Trassilico.

Now don’t just say it was a load of balls. I would be most interested hearing from you if you have seen recent sightings of UFOs in your area. In particular, if you stay in any village near Monte Palodina like Trassilico or Vergemoli, do keep a look-out. You never know!

Here are some photographs of what to look out for in case you weren’t sure.

They could be standard flying saucers:

Or spherical, as in the recent case of Trassilico:

Or even cigar shaped:

Warning: some people have been allegedly abducted by the occupants of flying saucers. A case happened at Avery Hill near where I lived in South London. Be careful… As world-renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking said:

“I think contacting an alien civilization would be a disaster. The extraterrestrials would probably be far in advance of us. The history of advanced races meeting more primitive people on this planet is not very happy, and they were the same species. I think we should keep our heads low.”



3 thoughts on “UFOs Return to Garfagnana

  1. I am really fascinated by other world and aliens and UFOs. this post gives me hope on it 😛 I feel very sad for the people who get abducted though, it shows how curious the others are about us as we are for them.

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