More Lords and Ladies at Florence’s ‘Cavalcata dei Re Magi’

If there is more than one of you photographing a pageant in Italy (or anywhere else for that matter) then it’s a good idea to split up on the processional route so that different aspects of those participating can be obtained.

Alex was on the opposite side to me on the route and this is a selection of her photographs taken during the great procession of the Three Wise Men or Magi we attended in Florence last January 6th:

I’m glad she managed to get the birds more successfully. Many of these magnificent raptors had  their hoods on. These leather head covering are used to hide the stimulus of the world from the birds’ sight and calm them, somewhat needed on this occasion!

Also Alex caught more of the lords’ and ladies’ costumes. It’s amazing how the persons taking part turn into those very characters one sees in such frescoes as Ghirlandaio’s in Santa Trinita.  Florentine facial features can’t have changed that much at all in six hundred years!

What great effort must have gone into making these costumes!


(Photos by courtesy of Alexandra Pettitt)


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