Snow has Returned!

Winter, apparently, has finally reached us. The coldest days of winter are usually at the end of January and the start of February anyway: the so-called ‘giorni della merla (to see why read my post at ).

A couple of days ago I took a look at my main field in the company of Napoleon and Cheeky.

Apart from the cardoons and the still live but flowerless geraniums there didn’t seem too much sign of vegetative growth although it’s all happening somewhere there beneath the surface.

The amount of rain that has fallen is impressive as our emergency reservoir shows (it had been empty just a week ago).

01162016 004

Yesterday I took a ride and walk up towards the Prato Fiorito. After another day of incessant rain which, apart from being wet was not too cold, the night temperature plummeted to below freezing. Clearly, desperately ski-season snow must have at last fallen for the second time after an absence of over a month.

The local cows were still enjoying the sight of luscious grass:

The day was beautifully clear and it was magical to gaze towards a silver sea from my height of around 3,500 feet. It seemed so near!

01162016 033

If anyone can verify the name of the island to the right (Gorgona perhaps, or somewhere nearer like Porto Venere?) I’d be grateful.

Tonight we’re preparing for temperatures below 5 C so I hope the sun will melt all the remaining damp patches on the road before that happens and prevent our road from turning into an ice-rink.


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