A Musical Score with a View: Lucca ‘Cluster’ Competition

Competition Rules for participation in the

International Prize for Non-Conventional Sheet Music Writing

which forms part of the first edition of the Lucca international “Musica con Vista” (Music with a View) exhibition.


Cluster – the Contemporary Music Association, in collaboration with Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, Lucca Province, Lucca Comune, Italy – announces its first International Prize for Non-Conventional Sheet Music Writing, dedicated to all art music composers and forming part of the first “Music with a View” international exhibition ” (26th March to 10th May, 2016) to be held at the Loggia dell’Ammannati and Sala degli Staffieri of Palazzo Ducale in the city of Lucca.

The exhibition of selected works during the competition is part of the “Music with a View” exhibition which consists of specific art music scores by historical and internationally famous composers and artists. Above all, the exhibition of works aims at pointing to a new relationship between traditional ways of writing music and innovative forms of composition and musical notation.

The aim of the exhibition of the competition works is to produce an annual overview of musical – visual compositions intended as musical scores and with a strong graphic and visual impact in contemporary art music, freely expressed by different visual systems and means and aimed at performances by soloists or ensembles up to a maximum of eight performers, giving composers of every artistic trend from around the world the opportunity of presenting their work to an international audience. For this purpose the Etymos Ensemble (Cluster’s group in residence) and other musicians chosen for the occasion will be performing some of the works on display. During the exhibition there will be weekly concerts in one of the rooms next to the exhibition area.

At the start of the exhibition a single example of scores on display will be awarded the “Cluster – Music with a View” Prize. Four other composers, selected from the exhibition, will receive a Certificate of Recognition. In collaboration with “Lucca Film Festival e Europa Cinema 2016” and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, the exhibition will be visited by famous New York director George A. Romero who will select one of the works for a Special Prize award.


Composers of any nationality and age, without distinction, may participate. Anyone working in the field of contemporary music, art music or those visual arts in some way connected to the actual musical composition may apply. Each participant may submit only one work.

Members of the “Cluster” Association are not allowed to participate.


To enter the competition an envelope containing the following items should be sent (with registered shipping) directly to the “Cluster” Association and no later than 29th of February 2016 (as attested by the date of dispatch).

  • high definition files of the proposed work
  • explicative colour printing of the proposed work,
  • brief description or any possible comments about the work,
  • biographical data including artistic training and updated general curriculum,
  • complete personal data and contact references, good quality photo of the author,
  • self-certification attesting to the originality of the work submitted,
  • authorization for digital printing and publication of the work on paper and on the Internet
  • documentation of the participation fee payment.

The digital material should be in PDF format. Other digital formats (PSD, JPG, EPS, AI, TIF, etc.) are accepted only if properly compatible with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (in which case with vectored font character). Files should always be high definition. They can be any size (Mb) and must be contained in CDs / DVDs or USB flash drives compatible with the major Operating Systems (Windows and Mac OS).

The printed paper material reproducing the proposed work is only for control purpose (for checking the high definition printing of the file provided). It can be in paper-European A4 or A3. Explanatory printed material may be simple A4 sheets or other formats. All texts ought to be in English.

The registration fee (forty (40) euro) should be paid to this current account and made payable to Lucca Compositori Europei Associazione Cluster – IBAN IT63D0691513701000050626880 or SWIFT – BMLUIT3L100 or through PayPal transfer to amiriuzo@email.it. In both cases, the reason for payment: “Participation fee in the competition connected to the exhibition ‘Music with a View’ edition 2016” is to be included.

The envelope should to be traceable shipped to the following mail address:

Musica con vista 2016 Cluster – c/o Maurizio della Nave

Via Pisana, traversa Quarta, 78 – 55100 Lucca (Italy)

The same material described above can also be electronically sent through WeTransfer system, with the same characteristics as above and always in non – compressed format. In that case you should inform us about the transfer via an e-mail using the same Wetransfer reference address i.e.: creativity@clustermusic.net


A jury of curators and experts will evaluate the submitted works during March 2016, selecting those that will be exhibited (a maximum of thirty, with the possibility of special selections).

By the end of March 2016 all the applicants will receive an e-mail with the results of the selection. The jury will consist of seven members:


Daniele Lombardi                      composer, pianist, visual artist                        (president)

Fabrizio De Rossi                       composer, pianist, lyricist                                   (vice president)

Renzo Cresti                                 musicologist                                                              (commissioner)

Arduino Gottardo                      composer, musician, visual artist                   (commissioner)

Girolamo Deraco                        composer                                                                     (commissioner)

Nicola Borrelli                             LuccaFilmFestival and Europa Cinema president                                                                                                                                                                                                    (commissioner)

Maurizio Della Nave                 graphic designer, artist                                        (commissioner)


For the first edition of the international exhibition “Music with a View” (from 26th March to 10th May 2016) the display of the works in competition will take place in the historical Loggia del Palazzo Ducale Ammannati in Piazza Napoleone in Lucca. On some of the exhibition opening days there will be concerts closely connected to the work on display in the adjacent Sala degli Staffieri,

The works will be printed directly from the supplied files, using professional digital technology, in a format that will be unquestionably decided by the exhibition curators according to both the type of work and the method of construction. These digital prints may be re-used for one or more replicas of the same exhibition, in other places and cities; in any case, information will be communicated by e-mail to every author involved.

Prints will remain the full property of the “Cluster” Association and nothing will be returned. However, the work’s ownership will remain the author’s.

A limited edition special print publication (or catalogue), documenting the work of the selected artists and those proposed, but not selected, will be produced exclusively for the exhibition. A copy of the catalogue will be shipped to all the authors. A PDF version will be available online from June 2016. Photographs and updates will be posted on the “Cluster” Facebook page dedicated to the event.


One of the participants (if present) or his work will be awarded with the “Cluster – “Musica con Vista” (Music with a View) prize consisting of EUR 1,000 (one thousand) by the jury and members of the “Cluster” Association and Fondazione Banca del Monte, on their visit of the exhibition during the opening day. Immediately following there will be four recognition award to four artists (if present) or their works. Director George A. Romero’s special prize” will be assigned to the composer (if present) on April 9th, or shipped after the end of the exhibition. The winning works will have a notification label next to the print during the entire period of the Exhibition. They will also be reported on the Internet and in newspapers and magazines. The prizewinner and those who receive the four awards, if present, will be granted room and board for a day and night by the Cluster Association. The Cluster Association will not cover in any travel costs.


“Cluster”, Association of Contemporary Music Composers Lucca.

Registered Office: Via Fornacette 255A, Lucca (Italy).

Social network: http://www.facebook.com/CLUSTERcomposers/

E-mail:               creativity@clustermusic.net              (Creative direction for the competition)

artdirection@clustermusic.net         (General artistic direction)

presidency@clustermusic.net            (Presidency contact)

Associazione di compositori “Cluster” Musica Contemporanea is the General Organization of the event.

Ideation and curatorship: Maurizio Della Nave in collaboration with Arduino Gottardo


The participants’ information will be treated by the sponsor exclusively for purposes related to the management of this event. Personal data collected will be processed, mainly via electronic, by the “Cluster” association in Via Fornacette 255A in Lucca, for operations related to participation and selection. Participants may at any time exercise their right to access, modify, delete data, or oppose their processing for legitimate reasons by writing to Via Fornacette 255A Lucca. Similarly the list of members responsible for data treatment may be requested.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these rules. In the event of disputes these shall be legally binding under Italian legal rules. The Foro di Lucca will be responsible for settling any disputes.




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