A Dynamic Evening at Pian di Coreglia and Ghivizzano

The question to ask about one’s car is not so much when it will break down: this is surely bound to happen at any inopportune moment according to Murphy’s Law but where it will break down.

Although our little road from Bagni di Lucca to Longoio is not of the same calibre as some dirt track in the upper Mongolian steppes it’s still a little scary when the car suddenly conks out on a stretch of narrow unsafety-barriered road verging onto a ravine in pitch darkness just before a bridge and a couple of bends, with pelting rain and mountain fog to add.

It’s even more worrying when a new battery has just been installed in the car and suddenly refuses to provide energy. The problem revealed itself when the red generator ‘spia’ or warning light was switched on. The battery wasn’t charging and with lights and wipers on the engine died rather quickly.

Fortunately we are members of ACI, the Italian automobile service who have a very good rescue service (if one is patient enough to sometimes wait more than an hour.)

Fortunately, this time the rescue van arrived in a little under an hour’s time. With a special booster the battery was recharged and our little Cinquina sprang into enough life to get us home. Grazie ACI!

The following day, however, we had to sort out why the dynamo wasn’t working. We took the car down to our trusty mechanic, formerly near Conad in Bagni di Lucca but now in a smart new warehouse at Pian di Coreglia. I’ve mentioned our mechanic at my post at https://longoio.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/cinquina-bambina-mia/ and have now updated his address in that post.


The dynamo brushes were well and truly worn out and the whole unit had to be dismantled and new parts found which, fortunately they were, cannibalised from other parts. It would be a two hours work, however, and what were we going to do in the meanwhile?

Get a haircut perhaps? Our mechanic suggested a female and male hairdresser at nearby Ghivizzano which was just a fifteen minute walk away. Their facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/I-Franceschini-Parrucchieri-410444482481370/?ref=br_rs

The hairdresser certainly took our mind away from the delicate surgery being inflicted on our Cinquina’s dynamo and my wife especially was well pleased with the results. The advice given was excellent and the price which included shampooing was very reasonable. We exited from the venue as transformed people and hoped our car would emerge, in its own manner, in the same way.

Success! The reconstructed dynamo worked and was now able to charge the battery. In fact, last night it took us to the circus (more of that later). So don’t moan if you’re stuck at a mechanic’s garage for two hours in a remote location: there could always be hairdressers nearby!

2 thoughts on “A Dynamic Evening at Pian di Coreglia and Ghivizzano

  1. Thank you however I am always wary visiting the hairdressers they always seem to cut more than you intend them to do as happened with Francis he lost his hippy look but looks great with his cropped hair. I have not yet undone those tresses it is a bonus not having to plait ones hair daily the alternative would be I suppose to wear a wig and sport different hairstyles as do many ladies of the African countries summer and winter (warm in winter but hot in summer) just like their Egyptian cousins this indeed was the fashion as seen in the Turin Egyptology Museum a rare wig as worn by the ladies then in ancient Egypt a custom that has been reclaimed well into the 21st century strange how fashion trends repeat. It seems very odd how we were both so easily persuaded to have a style change it was wonderful though I must admit to be pampered by such nice genuine people it was like a Iive show a play and we were the actors in this performance of life. We were both advised to whiten some of our yellowing hair either with a spray or a mousse Francis enjoyed the hairdressing event as he found it necessary to write about this in this here blog and here I am adding my views to the experience both daunting car event was like going to the doctors but alls well that ends well as we survived both situations despite being stranded again halfway up the hillside on our way home in deep fog the following evening was somewhat scary indeed but we emerged from this too unscathed. So ultimately we had a dynamic time in both situations car and salon high fives to all concerned you are all stars best workmanship.

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