Our New Waterfalls

After almost two months in Val di Lima without rain the wet stuff has finally arrived. It’s not been prefaced by violent thunderstorms in our area as predicted but by persistent drizzle and low clouds which make driving up to Longoio, especially after dark, somewhat dodgy as another name for such low clouds is thick fog.

We’d belittled the massive hydro-geological works carried out on the Refubbri stream earlier in the summer thinking that it was a matter of over-kill in widening the torrent bed so much.

We were wrong in our criticism. The works were fully worth the effort as seen in the following photographs and some beautiful waterfalls have suddenly appeared. Oh, if the water wasn’t so cold!

Now all we’ve got to wait for is some snow which has already fallen on the Apennine ridges giving rise to a promising albeit later-than-usual start of the skiing season.



2 thoughts on “Our New Waterfalls

  1. I watched some of the work on this last summer with some interest. It looks like the civil engineers were spot on with their plans for managing the water flow.
    Like yourself, I did’nt think the torrent bed needed to be widened as much as it has. There a couple of villages which could do with a mini version of these hydro geological works!

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