Benabbio’s Cribs

Every year Benabbio has its own special exhibition of presepi or Christmas nativity scenes.

Going to visit friends at the magnificent Casa San Rocco, a mansion which would require several posts to do it complete justice, (see, for the meanwhile its web site at ) we walked up the steep village and came across some delightful representations of the night of Christmas. These are just a tiny selection of over fifty of them!

For hard pressed-travellers there’s no better solution this one.

01042015 011

Doors open onto Christmas too.

01042015 010

Yes, Santa Claus does have his weaknesses as well!

01042015 012

The olive groves surrounding the large village provide a suitably peaceful background for these larger representations. I’m glad the camel’s got a wrap on him. It wasn’t exactly warm that evening…

This lovely Benabbian cat we meet has nothing specific to do with the presepi but we always like to include one in our own one at home so here goes!.

01042015 015

Have you seen the presepi at Benabbio this year? There’s a competition with a prize for the best one.

Perhaps a trip to the Holy Land?


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