Just a Perfect Day

We’d been invited for lunch with friends at a secret location believed to be a couple of valleys along from Shangri-La. (see my post at https://longoio2.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/a-universal-sense/ if you need to know more…)

The first part of our journey involved climbing to ever higher levels. Even our tallest mountain la Pania Della Croce seemed to be at eye-level.

Amazingly there was no snow on the road – just a few icy patches.

At one stage we abandoned our car and started walking through a bosky valley to reach the arcane hamlet.

Here we met with convivial company and indulged in what must have been one of our most spectacular meals both in terms of contents and in terms of location.

How lovely it is to enjoy genuine human company in a super-natural setting with food all graced by care and love!

Our return was through ever darkening mountains with the nostalgic glow of the setting sun upon them.

12302015 045

Our day continued into the evening with an absolutely gorgeous concert given by two great local choirs, the superb Stereotipi vocal group (who sang the Rutter pieces most idiomatically) and a gloriously sonorous philharmonic brass-woodwind band.

12302015 063

This was the programme:

With Elysian results all these components combined together in the last piece which was a Mass by Dutch-born Jacob de Haan.  The effect in the beautiful monastery church of San Francesco at Borgo a Mozzano was totally riveting.

As normally a ‘rinfresco’ ranging from prosecco to spumante to pandoro to valdostana was offered in the monastery hall.

In the monastery courtyard the crib reminded us of the principal reason of our festivities:

Who wrote about ‘just a perfect day’? Certainly, this was one of them!

3 thoughts on “Just a Perfect Day

  1. It was great having you at our secret location, we absolute love living here and soooo blessed to be able to share it with such amazing and magical friends cx

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