Can it Really be Winter?

The weather continues to provide perfect walking condition. Although almost two months without rain has caused severe pollution problems in many Italian cities – which have instituted car bans during daylight hours – in the country the air remains as fresh as ever.

With our most intrepid calico cat Carlotta we explore the surrounding area where many trees have still not entirely lost their foliage.

Our field hasn’t much to show for itself except for a few cardoons.

Some geraniums are still flowering.

There’s not very much to do as yet except perhaps to enjoy the setting rays stretched on a hammock.

Meanwhile, our local flock of sheep have already received some newcomers.

Let’s just hope we’re not going to have to pay for all this in January when a sudden change in the weather is forecast…

5 thoughts on “Can it Really be Winter?

  1. It’s been 14 degrees for most of the time in the north west of england, we still have roses and geraniums flowering. Everything is in bud, the down side is that it hasn’t stopped raining here for two months! hence all the floods, the seasons have gone to pot!!

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