Reaching the Holy Grail

For us there’s no better way to celebrate the start of Christmas than to attend midnight Mass at the Convento dell’Angelo just above Ponte a Moriano.

Reaching this beautiful building is like reaching paradise. The great neo-classical Luccan architect Nottolini’s masterpiece, the ex-convent’s whiteness beckons to paradisiacal heights and the music we heard in it last night was equally paradisiacal – ranging from Bach to Mozart to Rossini and Puccini.

Here’s the programme:


Kuhn’s finishing academy for young singers always brings a surcharged start to our Christmas festivities and we were so glad to be there again last night to celebrate and rejoice. The Mass was conducted by two Passionist fathers’ who formerly lived in the monastery; the extraordinarily beautiful chapel was packed as usual.

How to get there? Just park your vehicle in the car park behind the theatre at Ponte a Moriano and wait for the shuttle bus, It’s the only practical way of reaching Kuhn’s academy of Montegral since it’s accessed by tortuous narrow lanes which, turning ever higher, wend their way above the Luccan plain.

We are so lucky to be here at this time and at this place! It’s Christmas with the most celestial music and heaven itself all wrapped into one gorgeously sweet bouquet!

May your festivities start on an equally joyful note!

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