Descending Dragon Bay

It’s a different planet. Before us around two thousand rocks, peaks, stacks emerge from the eastern sea in strange, ethereal  shapes.Some look like primeval monsters, others resemble the wild imaginings of mad sculptors. The colours are amazing, the setting beyond description. It’s as if the sea has risen over limestone ranges or as if the rocks themselves have pushed themselves up from the abysses of the deep.

Every turn of the boat we sailed in showed ever more  extraterrestrial visions and I truly felt it was an alien planet we were wandering in.

We landed on one island and entered the vastest caves we’d seen for a long time. We stopped at another islet to climb to a pagoda at its summit.

Ha Long bay is truly one of the greatest natural wonders in this earth to be easily compared with the grand canyon or the dolomites. It should be on everyone’s must see list before they die and we were so glad it was on ours..and that we lived to see the day, the last day this time in indo China.











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