Revisit to HCMC

I’m back to Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City, this time with Sandra and it’s great to be back! Anyone who followed my blog at for january last year will realise how much this area of the world has fascinated me.

This time we’ve joined up with a small group to make five. Yesterday we did a city tour around the vibrant city. This clearly included the ex presidential palace where a unified Vietnam was declared in 1975, the cathedral, the iconic post office and the difficult to experience war remnants museum.

In the evening we joined old friends for a drink and a meal in a popular quarter. How happy we were to meet up again!

After, we wandered down the lively Nguyen Hue boulevard, now pedestrianised at weekends and enjoying street entertainment including local style break dancing amid the bright lights.


HCMC is changing fast. By the opera house a project with Japan is building a  new urban railway, for example. It’s truly a great pre-christmas present to be here with both of us this time.






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