Gliding Down the Mekong

The Mekong is one of the world’s great rivers. Beginning in the Himalayas it crosses through most of South East Asia’s countries and by the time it reaches south Vietnam it has become a majestically wide expanse before diving into its various branches in the  delta region.

On our second day we took a trip down the Mekong and its tributaries. The first part was taken on a boat formerly used for transporting coconuts but now converted for passenger use. It was one of the most relaxing river journeys I’ve ever taken. Each side of the waterway was framed by giant coconut fronds. Occasionally a  set of poles marked a fish trap and there was a discrete traffic of small, narrow boats laden with coconuts and their products.


We stopped at a small family run restaurant to have a very fishy lunch including Elephant’s ear fish which was not to everyone’s liking. However, the environment certainly was idyllic and provided a welcome change from the hectic activity of the large city we’d left.

Our journey ended when we rejoined the mighty Mekong and tied up at one of its wharves.

I wonder if there’s a Vietnamese Kenneth Graham. Certainly, the scenery wed passed through evoked everything that’s peaceful about messing about in boats.






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