Another Catwalk

We returned to Willesden Green station in London and spotted a very large cat on the railway bridge. Designed by a community mosaic project the colourful feline is the first in a series of ‘catwalks’ to celebrate the work of prolific cat artist and former local resident, Louis Wain (1860-1939). It was an unexpected and lovely surprise and one well -spotted by my wife.


Louis was first drawn to cats after their own moggy, Peter, comforted him when his own wife prematurely fell to a fatal illness.

It is sad that Wain ended his life as a pauper in a mental hospital, first in the Springfield and then in the Bethlehem in south London. Diagnosed as schizophrenic, he is more likely to have suffered from Asperger’s syndrome. Be that as it may it was an absolute delight to be met by this colourful cat on our return to wistful Willesden Green station.

But what were we doing in Willesden Green you may ask? All will be revealed in the next exciting instalment!


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