Crossing the Waterfall

This particular walk-from-our-front-door I hadn’t done for some time – it leads to a ridge called ‘la fredda’. There were reports that the footpath had slid down the mountain and that it had become overgrown. Together with two of our three cats, Carlotta and Cheeky (Napoleon was sleeping it off), we decided to find out if the walk was feasible. It was!

12012015 003

The first part of the walk crosses a small but precipitous waterfall.

Carlotta decided it was a good place to have a drink:

12012015 040

The path then plunges into a wood which occasionally opens out into some heathery tracts offering wide views over the surrounding valleys.

Through the foliage we could espy the villages of Riolo and Monti di Villa.

12012015 023

The latter is where this year’s ‘circulating’ presepe vivente (living crib) will be held on December 6th – less than a week’s time!

Apart from a couple of tracts where the path was washed away by the heavy rains the walk was absolutely doable. In fact, in some parts where trees had collapsed on it someone had been busy with a chainsaw and cleared the way. Thanks!

The cats had a great time exploring the area. Cheeky showed herself to be a brilliant tree climber.

Finally we reached our destination. ‘La fredda’ – the cold – wasn’t at all cold. We had a rest amid the myriad leaves and I could see the snows settling on Monte Rondinaio, which marks the main crinale (ridge of the Apennines.

We returned in ever-warm autumnal sunshine. It seemed incredible to think that tomorrow it would be December 1st, so mild our autumn has been.

We reached home and the cats had a well-deserved sleep. I wonder what Carlotta dreamt about?

2 thoughts on “Crossing the Waterfall

  1. What a nice walk! I’ve sent the photos of Cheeky and Carlotta to my son and his wife. They have a calico cat, also. I do hope to meet those cats (and you, of course), when I’m in Lucca early next year.

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