Hello Campers

Just below Gombereto the new market gardening and camper area is steadily developing.

11302015 003

The site, which previously consisted of abandoned fields, is being most attractively landscaped. Old walls have been reconstructed and the results are smart.

The vines have been pruned and nicely restored to new life.

11302015 006

This weekend new olive trees were planted and old trees were pruned.

Areas for the campers and for camping have been delineated:

Facilities will include toilet and bathing facilities and a shop. Longer term schemes include a swimming pool.

The views from the site are quite stunning.

Which brave soul is behind this scheme? It’s our woodcutter Giuseppe’s daughter who, as a design graduate, has ample flair for this sort of thing. Giuseppe is there to help out, like every good father should.

11302015 018

I’ve written in a previous post(see https://longoio2.wordpress.com/2015/10/08/) about this scheme – it’s a great example of entrepreneurship in an Italy still saddled by austerity and, what is worse, byzantine bureaucracy.

Up to now the only camper site in Bagni di Lucca has been the one halfway between Fornoli and Ponte a Serraglio. It was just a parking area, not very attractive and with no facilities at all.

We wish every success to the new camper park and camping site – it is definitely needed in our area and will certainly give a boost to the local tourist economy.


5 thoughts on “Hello Campers

  1. Byzantine- now that’s the perfect word to describe an archaic, corrupt and inefficuent bureacracy that is very much to blame for the sorry state Italy is now in- plus years of Berlusconi.
    A camping ground should give a real boost to the area and help the local business for sure. Are th locals behind the scheme?

  2. What a super idea – a real initiative – a bare piece of land transformed into a business, providing a living for its owner and job opportunities for local people. If it works, as i’m sure it will, it could be repeated in other parts of the valley. I hope to god the byzantine bureaucracy does not stand in the way. It sometimes seems like you need permission to breathe in Italy, so much regulation and so much red tape just stifles enterprise.

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea, great use of space and a good way to populate the area to encourage cafes, restraurants and other businesses! Well done local Italians.XXX

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