Snowy Mountains (in Lucchesia)

While shopping at Penny Market yesterday I was suddenly made aware of the snow that has recently fallen on the main ridge of the Apennines.

Here is a picture taken near the Ponte Della Maddalena (devil’s bridge to lesser mortals) which is close to the supermarket.

11252015 007-001

Lunch time at la Ruota restaurant at Fornoli confirmed that I was not wrong in describing the food there as excellent. (See my post at

The farfalle with gorgonzola and radicchio (chicory) was delicious.

11252015 008

The scaloppine (thinly sliced veal dredged in wheat flour, sautéed, heated and served with a wine sauce) with mushrooms and, thankfully non-frozen, chips was equally tasty.

11252015 009

All this, washed down with a quarter litres of red wine and sparkling water and ending with a café macchiato, for 11 euros can’t be bad…

11252015 010

Returned home I took my cats for a walk (or perhaps they took me) in the Longoio hinterland.

The long shadows and autumn colours were stunning. The cats had a great time too. It’s a pity that because of traffic many cats can’t be taken for a decent walk. I don’t think they’d appreciate being dragged along on a lead!

11252015 030

Cosily freezing nights and true blue sky days may you long continue!

11252015 021


3 thoughts on “Snowy Mountains (in Lucchesia)

  1. Great Photo. I saw one the other day on San Cassiano Facebook page and the water levels at the devils bridge looked a bit too high for comfort. I’d love to be able to just pop down to the Penny Market.

    That looks like a great lunch in La Ruota. We often go to the cafe downstairs were you can sit in the sun under the awnings. The restaurant is excellent, and the quality of that lunch for €11 is very good indeed. Love the cat walking.

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