Montefegatesi Chestnuts

Located 2762 feet above sea level, Montefegatesi is the highest village in the comune of Bagni di Lucca and distances ten miles from the centre of Bagni. It’s accessible via three roads: the first starting from the Controneria to the left of the ruined Oratory of San Rocco; the second starting from Ponte a Serraglio, passing through Granaiola Pieve di Monti di Villa, Monti di Villa and from thence towards St. Anne’s chapel. The third is the toughest: one goes up the Val Fegana to Ponte a Gaia and then, after passing the Orrido di Botri canyon, ascends via an unmetalled road through a wonderful chestnut forest to the village. (I’ve described this in my post at

Montefegatesi is perched on a rocky outcrop; its name derives from the liver colour of the clay shale which is present in large quantities in the territory. (Fegato=liver.)

Our advent to Montefegatesi was heralded by a cacophony of goat bells:

11162015 028

Montefegatesi in November might be described, in the immortal words of Dad’s Army’s private James Frazer, as “a wild and lonely place.” Happily, it certainly wasn’t that last Sunday when its toytown main square hosted a chestnut fair.

The chestnut roasters, filled with the excellent chestnuts found in this area, were out in force:

11162015 034

The ricotta and nutella filled necci were scrumptious:

11162015 062

There were the characteristic stalls selling handicrafts and Christmas toys

Sandra found some excellent articles in the second-hand shop, including an attractive winter woolly:

Locals and friends met up to have a chin-wag.

The little chapel on the square was open:

11162015 036

There was a photographic exhibition in the bar:

11162015 044

The last persimmons of the season were hanging on the leafless boughs:

11162015 031

The village’s population was amplified by a variety of pets:

Meanwhile all around the mountains were getting darker:

So we left and took route number two to get to Bagni where an evening at the theatre awaited us!



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