Ponte in Pictures

The new art exhibition in Bagni di Lucca’s Town hall foyer consists of paintings by Alessandro Dini.

11172015 018

Those living near or in Ponte a Serraglio should be particularly interested in this artist as he has done (and sometimes re-done) the picturesque river-side views of Bagni di Lucca Ponte:

Villa Fiori is also included:

11172015 014

Further afield there are views of Barga cathedral and Marlia’s Villa Reale.

Lucca’s most distinctive tower, the Torre Guinigi with the holm oaks crowning its summit, is also depicted, both in colour and in monochrome.

Dini is yet another of those Sunday painters which our area abounds in. His style is particularly lively and attractive, with a good use of colour and excellent composition.

For those with the ability to capture landscapes and buildings on canvas the multifariousness of Lucca province offers thousands of worthwhile subjects to paint just by stepping out of doors or looking out of one’s window.

The Ponte del Diavolo near us at Borgo a Mozzano is painted with an attractive twist in the shape of a steam train that’s racing through one of its arches:

11172015 005

I think I might even decide, at the very least, as Paul Klee said, to take a line for a walk, if not paints for a swim!

The exhibition lasts until November 27th. Dini has a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006989716328



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