Lucky Look into Lucca

Lucca never ceases to surprise. Even after having lived within striking distance of this incredibly beautiful Italian city for over ten years there are always new things to discover. Visiting the city yesterday with friends who were dog sitting we let loose the spaniel on the expansive turf outside the city walls where she soon made friends with other dogs and also engaged in an almost supersonic chase.

Once these grassy spreads formed part of a moat surrounding the walls. Later, when the walls were deemed superfluous for defence purposes and converted into a pedestrian esplanade the moat was drained and now forms part of a huge park around Lucca.

If you either have a dog or are dog-sitting it’s a great place for both two-footed and four-footed beings.

It’s often difficult to decide where to have a bite in Lucca. Some places are definitely priced for tourists and may not have an exactly local cuisine. We found ourselves in somewhat of a hurry in the Via Giustinia and  tentatively entered into a bar called Caffè da Fede

11142015 033

The interior was decorated in my wife’s favourite colour:

We were amply rewarded – this was the lunch menu:

11142015 031

We were served courteously and quickly. We didn’t have time to eat a secondo but, anyway, our primo completely filled our stomach with its ample portions. We had tagliatelle with mushrooms and our friends had lasagne with mushrooms and asparagus. Both plates were quite delicious.

Coffee was good and our macchiato was served with the ample froth I love. Prices were very economical, especially for inner Lucca, and we spent just 30 euros in four to feed and water (and wine) ourselves.

11142015 032

Coming out of the café-restaurant we spotted another interesting place, an artisan press. Inside there was a collection of typographical machines of varying antiquity and a very enthusiastic and helpful young typographer.

His shop is indeed a museum as well and we examined what fine examples of personalised cards and printing options were available.

The shop also embosses most finely.


We’d come to Lucca for serious business but left the city in a more joyful mood.

How terribly sad that, because of fanatics in another great world city, ordinary people are suddenly made aware that having a meal, or just a cup of coffee, or enjoying an entertainment could turn into a deathly occupation. Our hearts go out to a city that for me (and so many others) has spelled real freedom when, as a teenager, I escaped by hitch-hiking from a rather greyer London than now to a place that greeted me with both fun and love and colour.

PARIS 19**


The café on the Buttes Chaumont –

the one decent meal as I cast eyes

in soporific wine upon a hot late summer’s day

entwining my thoughts with your breasts,

your o-so cushion lips

oozing a perfume of exotic love.

My head quite gone

I cast looks on strange cliffs of destiny –

calumny of the flesh –

desire of a sixteen year old:

the afternoon of a teenager.


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One thought on “Lucky Look into Lucca

  1. Well serious business indeed we were in court over a frippery of a lie which had hung over us like tthe damoclean sword for years but finally justice was seen to be done as with all the witnesses statements including mine too Francis was finally acquitted I was elated shocked and surprised as this was Friday 13th unlucky for some but lucky for us incidentally in Italy it is Friday 17tth that is deemed unlucky. Well the day was fraught with stress as you can imagine so the lovely spaniel helped allievate this as well as the support of special friends who witnessed the days events incidentaly what was unlucky was that the hearing instead of midday was finally heard after 3pm which added more stress. The most interesting part of the day certainly was the beautiful musuem of printing with those magnificent presses with which they also produce wonderful Christmas cards ready made. Our condolences go to all the families involved in this horrendous act of terrorism hopefully peace will reign on our planet.

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