Forest Kings at Bagni di Lucca

The new exhibition in Bagni di Lucca’s town hall foyer has works by Cesare Giannetti.

11022015 013

Centrered in Benabbio, by far the most attractive of the artist’s works are those depicting street views of this sweet village which boast one of the great little Pievi (parish churches) in the Val di Lima.

Under Giannetti’s brush the Benabbio streets become a lively display of almost Van Goghian colour. In fact, Giannetti says he’s drawn most inspiration from the paintings of Antonio Ligabue (1899 – 1965).  Here is a tiger by Giannetti

11022015 017

And here’s a lion  painted by Ligabue:


Both are entitled “King of the Forest”.

Giannetti is also much influenced by the traditional presepe (nativity crib).

The most remarkable thing about Giannetti is that he is entirely self-taught. This fact should inspire others who have never put oil on canvas (like myself!) to consider taking up an art which can only draw stimulation from the wonderful corner of the universe we live in.

You’ll have until 13th November to visit Cesare Giannetti’s exhibition.


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