I wonder how many of my readers have cats that follow them around on walks. It’s getting increasingly difficult for us to take a stroll  in our environs without at least one of our three cats sussing out that we’re heading for some delightful nature spot. We have to leave the house stealthily but in practically all cases fail miserably; we look behind us and there’s Carlotta, Cheeky or Napoleon or a combination of the three following (and sometimes, leading) us.

Fortunately, there are no main roads to cross and the only dangers are the occasional dog and sometimes a tractor.

There are so many walks one can do from our place just by stepping outside the front gate. One of our favourites is the climb up to the top of Monte Calvario where a cross has quite recently replaced the one that traditionally used to be there and was used as the end point of a good Friday pilgrimage to commemorate Christ’s crucifixion.

11052015 034

From Monte Calvario there are some great views stretching out onto the Apuans and the Pania Della Croce.

11052015 036

This time just the indomitable Carlotta followed us. She’s the cat who joined us in summer 2012, courtesy of Piccole Cucce, our local cat rescue association, at the Borgo a Mozzano beer festival where she was a tiny doll-like object in a little cage.

Now Carlotta has become the best Mountain climber we know!


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