Feline Fun

Autumn colours have finally begun to splash our Val di Lima landscape. Here are some leaves (and mists) on the way to San Cassiano yesterday.

Last night we’ve also had thunderstorms and, again, parts of Tuscany, especially the coastal areas, are suffering from the notorious and ever-increasing water bombs with widespread flooding and landslides.

Mentioning colours, I took a look yesterday at the painting our highly talented artist Kety Bastiani from San Cassiano is doing of our cats, Napoleone, Carlotta and Cheekie.

Here is the finished product.

10292015 007

I couldn’t take it home yet as the paint’s still drying.

I am so pleased with it. Kety has captured our cats’ colouring really well. She had free rein with the composition and the theme of our pets playing with a ribbon gives a fine sense of feline movement to the picture. It’s a truly delightful creation.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a painting is worth a thousand photographs!





One thought on “Feline Fun

  1. Autumn seems now to be truly set the leaves are delightfully multicoloured they are scrunchy to walk on always loved this time of year for hopefully earths abundance although it seems that many plants are a little confused as some days are really so hot. I am looking forward to collecting this fun cat painting however I am miffed as to where we are going to place it in our most humble abode. I do not think that I would have achieved better cats are most difficult creatures to achieve in most mediums.

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