Mellow Fruitfulness

It’s getting to the end of October and still the countryside’s colour is predominantly green. Yesterday we went for our usual cat-walk in the environs of our village of Longoio.

There were only tinges of gold, reds and yellows appearing in the foliage.

I’m quite sure that ten years ago, when I first landed in this part of the world, colours were more autumnal at this time.

Speaking to people that have been here all their live it’s quite clear that climate change in the last decade has accelerated at an alarming rate. Our hopes don’t quite lie with the proles, as Orwell stated in his ‘1984’, but with our youth. Recycling, ecology, environment these are words that weren’t quite emphasised enough when I attended primary school. I’m certain they are now!

Anyway, two of our cats, Napoleon and Cheekie, had a good time in the forest (Carlotta stayed at home) and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more walks like this.

When Carlotta was at home she wandered onto our topmost terrazza to admire the view from there:

When the real autumnal colours spread in our forests I’ll let you know!

2 thoughts on “Mellow Fruitfulness

  1. Autumn used to be a most colourful season it seems to be later and later or sudden or not at all Wales was always rainbow coloured at this time of the year oranges yellows green reds all most beautiful we found a similar colouring around the famous chestnut area of Marradi as we used to go there for the best chestnut festival in the Tuscan area we keep promising ourselves to catch the train from Florence it is a whole days event not to be missed next year we have four chances as this special service runs throughout each weekend in October. I love marrons,chestnuts and they are so plentiful at this time of year so one can make full use of Natures bounty happily these trees have survived on our planet for hundreds of years and are most majestic throughout certain areas of Italy. James 1 tried to introduce these to our shores but the wrong type the Horse chestnut or conker variety was planted maybe U K could redress this issue by planting the real chestnut and marron after all olive trees vines grow well as well as artichokes melons too! Our Japanese Maple is very colourful at his time of year I love our walks in the woods edge with our beautiful loving cats how on earth did all his happen is strange but it is the best feeling and I feel honoured by their company we have so much to learn from the animals truly Gods creatures!”

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