Portraits Presence

Another arts exhibition has opened in the foyer of Bagni di Lucca’s town hall. The works of Mariangela Fanelli are displayed and they are principally portraits In fact, Mariangela is happy to do your portrait and,  judging from what was on show, she is pretty good at capturing likenesses.

10222015 004

There were some pop icons on show, No marks for guessing who she is

10222015 008 (2)

Or him.

10222015 012 (2)

It’s so sad that both were cut off while so young! I was lucky enough to hear Jimi at Woburn Abbey in 1970. Amy was scheduled to sing here at Lucca Summer Festival in 2011.

The other portraits are rendered in a variety of techniques, pencil, water colour and acrylic. Sometimes all three media are used in the same picture.

There are also examples of landscape;

and a bit from a comics strip:

10222015 007 (2)

One can also have personalized bookmarks:

10222015 011

If one wants a likeness that is a little more creative than the usual ones one gets (for example) from itinerant artists in the Uffizi gallery courtyard in Florence then Mariangela is the one to do it for you.


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