Bountiful Borghesi

I confess I hadn’t yet eaten yet at the resurrected Borghesi restaurant in Bagni di Lucca Villa although it had its official opening at the end of last May. That auspicious day has been described in my post at

Yesterday I decided to try Borghesi out and was very happy I did! This was the menu displayed in the restaurant window. Use it as an exercise to improve your Italian since no English menu is displayed.

10222015 020

I chose fettuccine with chestnuts, saffron and sausages and found it delicious. I’d never had chestnuts (now in full and abundant season) with my pasta before and the combination was irresistible.

10222015 014

This was followed by roast beef which in Italy is sliced very thin and is done rare unless one wishes otherwise.  Perfectly cooked roast potatoes accompanied it.

10222015 016

As usual a quart of wine (I chose red) and a bottle of (for me) sparkling water with wholemeal bread and focaccia accompanied the meal which was rounded off by an expresso.

The whole meal set me back just euros 11. I’m sure it won’t be too long before I’m back at the Borghesi!

Full praise should be given to Stefania and Fabio for bringing the Borghesi back to life. The original restaurant was opened in 1903 by Stefania’s ancestor, Raimondo Borghesi. His portrait, blown up from an old photograph, graces the entrance to the dining area which is calmly decorated in off- whites and with very discrete lighting. Raimondo was known as ‘the colonel’, not because of any military grade but for his measured and authoritative advice on life matters which was very much appreciated among the figurinai, or plaster of Paris figurine makers of the Bagni di Lucca area. These figurinai travelled the world selling their wares and the old joke has it that they were waiting to flog their statuettes to Christopher Columbus when he landed in the New World in 1492!

10222015 018

It had always been Stefania’s wish to bring the Borghesi (whose building she owns) back as a family business. It must have been an enormous risk she and Fabio, who are both pensioners, took to invest in the refurbishment of the place, particularly when Italy is not completely out of its austerity neck of the woods. But it has certainly paid off. Both daughters, Laura and Paola, work part-time in the restaurant whose cook is a brilliant graduate from Barga’s Alberghiera College (hotel catering and Management College).

10222015 019

If one wants a more intimate setting than the princely plushness of the Circolo dei Forestieri then this is the place to go to. It’s truly family, pet and child friendly and the homely food, served in adequate portions, is really tasty!


4 thoughts on “Bountiful Borghesi

  1. We all missed Borghese as well as Circolo dei Forestieri we were there for the opening of both and welcomed the return of excellent cuisine at modest prices a good treat not to be missed Bagni di Lucca was certainly bereft without my favourite haunts! For my 60th I wanted to enjoy a meal at the Cipriani Restaurant in London but gave it a wide berth when I discovered that the bill would have been minimum £100 per person which for me can easily represent a months food shopping with my modest salary it really was not feasible maybe if I win the lottery well that would be great must try my luck. In my Interpreting days I gave a lot of publicity to Cirpiani bearing the same surname all asked any relation to Harry’s Bar Venice however we did visit was a very beautiful venue next time maybe will go for a cocktail!

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