More Music In Lucca


“Vivere e contemplare il ritmo nel pianoforte dell’Otto-Novecento” (Living and contemplating rhythm in the nineteenth-twentieth century piano) is the title of the recital on Friday, November 27th at 9 pm in the L. Boccherini Auditorium in Piazza Del Suffragio. Pianist Caterina Barontini, just in her twenties, plays Schumann’s Humoreske op. 20, Ravel’s Jeux d’eau, Debussy’s Jardins sous la pluie (from Estampes) and Bartok’s six dances in Bulgarian rhythm (from Mikrokosmos).  Each piece will be introduced by Albarosa Lenzi Barontini.

The concert, with free admission, is part of Boccherini OPEN 2015’s Musical Routes of Autumn season. Full details at:



“From Bach to Monk, through Sax …” is the title of the concert on Thursday, December 3rd at 9 pm in the “L. Boccherini” Auditorium in Piazza Del Suffragio. The Timeless Saxophone Quartet consists of Sandro Tani (soprano sax), Yuri Nocerino (alto sax), Giovanni Baglioni (tenor sax) and Marco Vanni (baritone sax). The group will present a varied program, with works by J. S. Bach, Michael Nyman, Thelonious Monk, Karman Khacheh and Ahmed Khalil.

The Timeless Sax Quartet was formed by established musicians who can all boast a long experience as soloists, in various groups and with prestigious Italian orchestras. The ensemble is a blend of tradition and innovation, interpretation and improvisation. It’s an alchemy of sounds made up of prime ingredients: Bach fugues, blue notes, swing and a touch of the exotic, all expertly mixed by the four saxophone artistes.

The concert, with free admission, is part of Boccherini OPEN 2015’s Musical Routes of Autumn season. Full details at:


On Monday, December 21st, at 9 pm, at the Teatro del Giglio there’s a show organized by “D’Alessandro & Galli” titled “Bestemmia d’amore”,  (love’s blasphemy) with Pippo Delbono / voice acting and singing, Enzo Avitabile / voice, small harp, drum and sopranino sax, Gianluigi Di Fenza / Neapolitan guitar and Carlo Avitabile / drums. Set design by M. Piero Pizzi Cannella.

“Blasphemy of Love” is a piece where words become music and discuss today’s uncouth, sacral, black, bright, hard and soft times. It’s to speak again of love: love blasphemed, wounded, drowned, killed, revived, killed again, yet still alive.

This concert is a stage in the artistic journey that Pippo Delbono is conducting with Enzo Avitabile, an artist unique in his ability to combine the traditions of blues, jazz, funk, rock with classical and baroque, to embrace ancient folk and Neapolitan traditions creating an original and unique sound.

Seats € 15:00 + presale

Gallery (reduced visibility) € 10.00 plus presale

Information and reservations: +39 0584 30335


On Thursday, December 3rd, at 8.30 pm in the Teatro del Giglio, the Moscow Ballet will stage Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” with Petipa’s choreography. Soloists are Svetlitsa Evgenii and Olga Kifiak.

Tickets range from 20 euro (gallery) to 40 euro (stalls).

For further information: Office of the Teatro del Giglio Tel: 0583 465330

Swan Lake, perhaps the most famous ballet in the world, continues to keep all its charm from the lunar atmosphere that accompanies Odette’s appearance, to the dual role of Odette-Odile, white swan and black swan, in the eternal struggle between Good and Evil. The romantic plot tells the story of Princess Odette. The sorcerer Rothbart, whose overtures of love the princess has denied, casts an evil spell on her forcing the princess to spend the day under the guise of a white swan. The curse can be defeated only by an oath of love. Prince Sigfrid meets Odette at night, falls in love and promises to save her. At a party in Sigfrid’s palace the magician presents his own daughter, who has taken the form of Odette, to the Prince who, convinced of being in the presence of his beloved, swears eternal love. The magician then reveals the girl’s true identity and Odette, destined for death, disappears into the lake. Sigfrid, desperate, decides to follow: it is this gesture that breaks the spell allowing the two young lovers to live happily ever after.

Swan Lake, with its fabulous and enchanting music by Tchaikovsky, is a flagship for the Ballet of Moscow




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