John Gibson and the Protestant Cemetery

Bagni di Lucca’s Protestant cemetery, among its many other wonders, contains a memorial by John Gibson, a truly great Victorian sculptor who’d studied in Rome under the neo-classical sculptor Canova  and was included in the V & A’s recent exhibition of Victorian sculpture.

Famous for his bas-reliefs he was also a brilliant monumental and portrait artist and there’s a large selection of his work at the Royal Academy in London (incidentally, the same academy co-founded by an ancestor of my wife, Giovanni Battista Cipriani.)

If you wish to contribute to the restoration of the Anglican cemetery in Bagni di Lucca all you have to do is to contact the library in the ex-Anglican church at Bagni di Lucca. You don’t have to give vast sums (though some generous and civilized people have, as in the example of the professor who donated for the restoration of the writer Ouida’s tomb in memory of his wife.) You can decide how much you’d like to give and as a benefactor your name will be inscribed on the monument you‘ve helped to save.


5 thoughts on “John Gibson and the Protestant Cemetery

  1. This is a very good project proposed by Professor Cherubini and if you want to have further information on the tombs remaining to be restored you would need to contact Angela of the Anglican Library who has an extensive list of names of tombs that would need this wonderful restoration work carried out by professionals so why not go for it maybe you too could help sponsor an English abandoned tombstone for prosperity who knows you may even find a long lost relative laid to rest in this part of the world far away from the English shores lucky those souls that have a tomb many are just left and forgotten even in the Victorian massive graveyards in the UK.

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