Sylvan Scenes by Silvia

There’s only one day left in which to visit the current exhibition in the foyer of Bagni di Lucca town hall. It’s a display of paintings and poems by Silvia Pasqualetti who earns her living on the Piaggio assembly line in Pontedera. The exhibition is called ‘Fiori di coscienza’. (Flowers of consciousness)

10142015 029

It’s clear from Pasqualetti’s pictures that the area round BdL provides an escape from the tedious grind of the scooter factory. The subjects include abundant images of nature, especially rivers and trees. Here’s the bridge at Cevoli near Fabbriche di Casabasciana:

10142015 014

And this is part of the villa Fiori gardens:

10142015 016

The subject manner varies from naïve naturalism to almost abstract geometry. More recent efforts by Pasqualetti concentrate in the division of a painting into squares, rather like a sheet of stamps.

Some of the images appear sadly haunting. I wonder what’s going on in the artist’s mind here.

10142015 012

This most abstract of her canvases I find a little reminiscent of Delaunay in its kaleidoscope of colour.

10142015 018

The poems accompany the paintings and are, in effect, verbal blueprints for the subjects depicted. It’s a pity that translations of them were not done as they might have cast more light on the paintings themselves.

It is to be hoped that Piaggio will encourage Silvia Pasqualetti in her artistic endeavour – the firm has a good track record for sponsoring the arts and there is even an arts activity centre in its factory


One thought on “Sylvan Scenes by Silvia

  1. A very interesting effort with wonderful bright colours to cheer up our dismally grey rainy and cold days ! I felt though slightly disturbed by the ghostly figureheads in some of these paintings and intriguing squared off subjects in cubes on tramlines unusual to say the least however maybe Silvia can clarify and explain what her thinking is behind this method or maybe it Is left up to the individual to make more of an effort to understand the unexplainable.

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