Books Galore?

Now what would you rather do? Curl up next to the fire with a real book whose pages can be turned by hand and which has the feel and perfume of real paper. Or switch on an e-book reader and start clicking the pages only to find that the blessed machine’s battery is flat?

You decide.

Where can one buy real books in Bagni di Lucca? For guide books, local history and author and maps Petri was the place and it is to be hoped that, again, his successors will carry on Renato’s great encouragement of our area through the books he stocked about it.

In Fornoli the bookshop continues to supply the latest guides of the area and will, in addition to its substantial Italian language stock of books, obtain any English language book one wishes.

For a long time Jackie’s book exchange supplied ample reading matter but, alas, that place has been no more for some time now

The little library in BDL’s public gardens is an excellent place to find (and exchange please!) books in various languages. (See my post on it at

Now, it seems that another bookshop will open in BDL, right on the corner of the road leading to Montefegatesi (and Longoio into the bargain). The bookshop will also include an art gallery.

These are signs I saw in the shop window the other day.

It’s clear that Bagni di Lucca erst-while resident Percy Bysshe Shelley’s works will be among the volumes for sale.

10142015 001

The previous shop of a boutique character described in Debra Kolkka’s blog has moved to Fornoli.

As a part-time book-worm I look forwards to the opening of the new bookshop cum art gallery and wish it the best of luck in an increasingly competitive market.


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