Ponte a Serraglio’s Fiera Paesana

Wonders will never cease. I was heading towards Fornoli yesterday morning when I suddenly found the road blocked from Ponte a Serraglio obliging me to turn left over the notoriously traffic-light-ridden bridge.

(Have you ever stopped to read this old sign and distance indicator by the bridge? I wonder how old it is.)

I decided to park and wandered down the closed stretch of road along the river Lima only to find a line of market stalls. A student I met from my Unitre class informed me that this was a Fiera paesana, always held on the 8th October from time immemorial. Why hadn’t I come across this Fiera (fair) before?

Actually, apart from the ten or so stalls selling everything from shoes to cabbage plants the Fiera seemed distinctly underwhelming and only sparsely attended by shoppers. The stall holders were pleading for custom.

I hope things livened up later on during the day. When I returned in the afternoon the stalls were still there and I had to take the alternative route up through Colle which involves some acrobatic driving via twisty roads.

Not entirely unexpectedly, there were no indications about this fair and no diversion signs that I could see. Perhaps the event is so immemorially stamped into the minds of the local populace that no reminding is needed!

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4 thoughts on “Ponte a Serraglio’s Fiera Paesana

  1. Every local knows the dates of the fairs and they don’t advertise them, which is a shame for visitors. The Ponte fair is always a low key event especially when it falls during the week, this is the first year we have visited it when it hasn’t rained, so for once it was a nice morning out for us.

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